New Look Clinical Educator Programme

In light of the move of teaching to the online environment, the Clinical Educator Programme (CEP) is developing new content and has created new pathways for completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3.

This will take the form of six courses, one for each GMC Framework Area, which will make progress through the programme more straightforward.

The change to the new format for the Clinical Educator Programme will come into effect on 1 August 2020. For those who have already attended a workshop or completed an online module, these will still be counted in the relevant framework area towards completion of the Programme.

We are excited about this progression for the Clinical Educator Programme and hope to see you, virtually or face-to-face, very soon.

If you teach University of Edinburgh medical undergraduates, then our Clinical Educator Programme (CEP) is for you.

CEP is a free programme of workshops* focused on medical education.

Mission Statement

The Clinical Educator Programme develops and supports a faculty of medical educators within South East Scotland to promote, deliver and maintain excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in line with the UK Professional Standards Framework and the Academy of Medical Educators' Professional standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators (2014).

Our Programme is mapped to the UK Professional Standards Framework.

You can find more information about the UKPSF on the HEA's website.

* Within South East Scotland only. Charges apply for anyone who wishes to participate in the Programme and teaches outwith South East Scotland. Please contact for more information.

Programme Team & Faculty

Director: Ms Debbie Aitken

Tutors: Mr Ian Lee, Dr Maia Forrester

Administrators: Mrs Fiona Willox, Mrs Femke Morrison, Dr Robert Dow, Ms Katie Leith

IT Consultant: Mr Alan Gilchrist

Teaching Observation Tutors: Mr Carl Ronan, Dr Frances Parry

Faculty Members: Dr Karen Adamson, Dr Gavin Brown, Dr Naomi Bulteel, Dr Susie Chater, Dr Fiona Clunie, Dr Ruth Cruickshank, Dr Al Dewar, Dr Anna Dover, Dr Simon Edgar, Dr Karen Fairhurst, Dr Mohini Gray, Dr Jenny Hanslip, Dr Alan Jaap, Dr Lorna Jackson, Dr Ingo Johannessen, Dr Matt King, Dr Alastair Leckie, Dr Jane MacNab, Dr Marie Mathers, Dr Jackie Maybin, Dr Pauline McConville, Dr Ed Mellanby, Dr Queenie Menezes, Dr Hannah Monaghan, Dr James Morrison, Dr Latana Munang, Dr Freda Newlands, Dr Norman Nuttall, Dr Joanna Pickles, Dr Rhiannon Pugh, Dr John Russell, Dr Euan Sandilands, Dr Neelom Sharma, Dr Janet Skinner, Dr Andrew Storey, Dr James Tiernan, Dr Wendy Wighton-Benn, Dr Pamela Winton, Dr Morwenna Wood

Associate Faculty Members: Dr Effie Dearden, Dr Kyle Gibson, Dr Elly Hampton, Dr Zain Hussain, Dr Chenai Mautsi, Dr Dalitso Mwandumba, Dr Jamie Nicolson, Mr Nathan Oliver, Dr Thom O’Neill, Dr Chris O’Shea, Dr Susie Roy, Dr Chris Schneike-Kind, Dr Neil Wicks

Honorary Faculty Members: Mr Bryan Allan, Ms Lorraine Close, Professor Jamie Davies, Ms Avril Dewar, Mrs Kirsty Egan, Mrs Janet Gardiner, Revd Dr Harriet Harris MBE, Dr Dave Hope, Mrs Janette Jamieson, Professor David Kluth, Dr Vicki McCorkell, Mrs Val McDowell, Dr Fred Pender, Dr Alix Rolfe, Ms Jean Tennant


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