Edinburgh MBChB Professional Mentor Scheme



In September 2020 the medical school became a pilot for professional mentoring which is to replace the personal tutor system across the university. We need a large number of mentors from across the medical school staff and all NHS specialties to make this work. We are looking for GPs, hospital clinicians, academics and any teaching staff that are interested in mentoring undergraduate students. The aim is to offer academic, career and professionalism guidance for the medical undergraduate students. The post comes with honorary senior lecturer status.

How do we pair mentor and mentees?

Students are not allocated to a mentor but are encouraged to select one or more mentors by looking at profiles on LEARN – the medical school learning platform. The student will approach you and ask if you will mentor them and this will allow you to set up an initial meeting. You may accept as few or many students as you feel able to mentor. If at any point you feel you have enough students contacting you, or too few, please get in touch and we will suggest alternative contacts for students. Many students will select on basis of a speciality but others if you have an interest on teaching or great experience in research for example.

What do I need to do as a mentor?

The core of this system is for the professional mentor to offer career and professionalism guidance with clear academic emphasis. However do not feel that you are unable to speak to students about personal issues. This is also part of being a mentor and we value your experiences in talking to students about wider issues which may be concerning them. We would ask that you contact us if you have any conversations or notice behaviours which give you cause for concern and feel the student would require additional support from our Student Wellbeing team.

There is no set number of meetings per year, nor is there any set agenda for meetings. We expect most mentor/mentee relationships to be long term and it may be that you are asked to be a referee for foundation application. In this case you will have access to the student’s academic and professionalism history.

If you are interested in becoming a professional mentor then we would be delighted to have you. Please you email mbchb.professionalmentors@ed.ac.uk noting your interest and we will send you more information including access to the short videoed introductory training session that we ran for the initial group of mentors who were all previous personal tutors.