Revalidation of the Clinical Educator Programme

Your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certification is valid for 5 years after you complete it (we do not offer revalidation of the Introductory Level as we expect that you would have moved on to at least Level 1 within the 5 years). 

Note: CEP Revalidation is not the same as GMC Recognition of Trainers (RoT). Advice for RoT revalidation should be sought from your appraiser or local DME.

To maintain your CEP status you must revalidate every 5 years.  Revalidation of a level involves the following elements, to be completed during the five years from the date of your certificate:-

Level 1

  • completing two CEP courses, or
  • completing one CEP course and attending the SEFCE Symposium

Level 2

  • completing two CEP courses, or
  • completing one CEP course and attending the SEFCE Symposium
  • having another teaching observation and feedback session with one of the CEP tutors, or
  • reflecting on one of your recent teaching sessions using the CEP Reflection Tool

Level 3

Revalidation is the process required to maintain your Level 3 CEP status. It is a 5 yearly cycle which maps your educational CPD to the UKPSF Descriptor 1.

Level 3 Revalidation has three elements to it and one fourth optional element:

  1. A summary of educational CPD since your last CEP certification
  2. A Peer Observation of Teaching (POT)
  3. A discussion of 1 and 2 with a member of the CEP team
  4. Optional: A Teaching Observation & Feedback (TOF) session with one of the CEP tutors.

Next steps:

Note 1. If you applied, and were accepted, for Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), this does not need revalidated. 

Recommended cycle for both UG & PG Trainers


It may be helpful to have an understanding of the UK Professional Standards Framework, (UKPSF), as we use this for benchmarking good practice within teaching and learning.  The UKPSF can be found here:  For more description of each of the four values in the UKPSF, see pages 17-19 of this document: