Student Wellbeing


Early Year Guides and Professional Advisors   

Role of Early Years Guide (Y1-2)

«  Provide a friendly face and offer pastoral support when  required;

«  One mandatory meeting/task per year, mini appraisal.

Role of Professional Advisor (Y4-6)

«  Matched with a medical student according to interest, LGBTQI, BAME, outside interests, teaching, research, clinical speciality etc;

«  Provide a friendly face and offer pastoral support and careers discussion, if required;

«  One meeting/mandatory task per year – mini appraisal;

Note: as this role is support, clinical speciality will be mostly irrelevant.


«  Choose the number of medical students you can support;

«  Satisfaction through supporting medical students through their degree;

«  University of Edinburgh Honorary Contract;

«  Great for PPD.

Who can apply?

«  All grades of doctors can apply from CT/ST level, clinical and research doctors;

«  From across ALL specialties;

«  University of Edinburgh, CMVM clinical & research staff

«  University of Edinburgh professional staff (Y1 and Y2 only).


We would love to hear from you.

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