Teaching Observation and Feedback Session

The kind of teaching we can observe

We interpret teaching very broadly, so we can observe any type of educational encounter, and in any environment where this is practical. Please note that, until it is safe for us to re-enter wards and classrooms, we will be carrying out observations of live online teaching session in the most part.  

We think we can be of most help to you if we observe the kind of teaching that you are most often involved in.

Examples of the kinds of teaching that we have observed include:

●      pre-clinical lectures to large groups of students

●      small group tutorials with students/trainees

●      ‘Problem Based Learning’ sessions

●      simulation sessions

●      one-to-one clinical teaching at the bedside

●      teaching in surgical theatres

●      teaching to multidisciplinary teams and to patient groups

We will observe online teaching but only where we attend the live session, meaning that we will not provide feedback on pre-recorded video lectures or recordings from live sessions.

We can also observe postgraduate and undergraduate supervisory meetings, (eg if you supervise a student or trainee and you are meeting with them to discuss their educational progress).  If you choose this type of observation, your student / trainee must have consented to this, in advance.

Your teaching session should ideally be for one hour, but we can be flexible.  Supervisor sessions must be no less than 30 minutes.  Please contact us to discuss how we can make the best use of everybody’s time if your teaching is due to last more than 2 hours.

How to arrange to have your teaching observed

Email the CEP administrators at cep@ed.ac.uk. If you give them as much notice as possible it will be more likely that they will be able to accommodate your request.  Information they need from you is:-

Dates and times when you are/could arrange teaching:




Venue (platform if your teaching is on line):


Nature of your teaching:


Your contact telephone number:


Our administrators will liaise with you directly to arrange the date, time and location of your teaching. They will also allocate a CEP tutor to carry out your observation. It is helpful if you can give the tutor a phone number that you can be contacted on in case there are any last minute changes or problems.

Because of the demands on our Programme, we will only arrange a teaching observation and feedback session once you have consistently participated in the CEP by registering and attending workshops.

How to prepare for your observation session

There is no specific preparation required. However, we recommend that you reflect on the CEP workshops that you have attended to help get you thinking about your practice.  For example, our ‘Planning and Evaluating your Teaching’ workshop will help you think about how you are structuring your teaching, and our ‘Small Group Teaching’ workshop could give you ideas about how to make your teaching more interactive.

Teaching observation and feedback session: guidance and template

●      Teaching Observation and Feedback Guidance

●      Teaching Observation and Feedback Template

On the day of the observation and feedback session

 The CEP tutor will come to your location just before your session start time.  They will observe your teaching and make notes.  The template of the document they will use  reflects the requirements of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for teaching and supporting learning in higher education.

The template document can be used flexibly and our tutors use the same version for all the types of teaching they observe. 

The tutor will complete pages 1 to 4 during your session and leave pages 5 and 6 blank.  There will be a feedback discussion after your session. This is not something to worry about. It is informal and its purpose is to help you think about what you do well, and if there is anything that you could improve. 

The feedback discussion usually takes about 30 minutes.  If there is not enough time after your session, it is usually possible to arrange for a phone call at another time. 

After the observation and feedback session

The CEP tutor will email you your teaching observation and feedback document. Pages 5 and 6 contain questions for you to complete in your own time.  They are designed to help you think about the session in more depth and they reflect the UK Professional Standards Framework requirements. 

It is helpful for you to answer the questions, but you do not have to. Your answers will be useful if you are completing Level 3 of the CEP, because the same questions appear in Part 2 of the Reflective Portfolio Assignment.

You do not need to email us your answers and they will not be assessed.