Online Teaching

The CEP Beginner’s Guide to Online Teaching

Top Tips to Get You Started

1.  First, don’t panic: you are not alone.  We are all in this together, staff and students alike.  These are very unusual circumstances and all we can do is our best.  No-one expects anyone to be an IT whizz or to be able to redesign their curriculum overnight.  We in the CEP are learning the ropes alongside you.  We are collating things that we think could be useful, and have included them here.  We certainly do not mean for you to read everything below.  You are likely to find other resources or supports yourself.  If you do, please let us know and we can include them here.

2.  Get a University of Edinburgh Username (UUN).  You need this to access the UoE platforms, and the resources available to you through the UoE’s Information Services (IS) and Institute for Academic Development (IAD) teams.   If you do not have a UUN, contact your Module Organiser or complete the online Access Request Form.

3.  Information Services (IS) have ‘Teaching Continuity Preparation’webpages.  These have general information to help staff move quickly into teaching online:

4.  Information Services (IS) have ‘Training for Remote Teaching’ sessions.  You need a UUN to access these.  They are free.  Sessions on ‘Learn’ (the Virtual Learning Environment), ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ (tool for giving online lectures) and ‘Media Hopper’ (tool for making recordings) may be most useful for you in the first instance.  Sign up here:

5.  Information Services (IS) can support you with Online Course Design.  You need a UUN to access these.  They are free.  There are 2 hour workshops and toolkits.  The information is here:

6.  The Institute for Academic Development (IAD) are running a range of sessions to support staff.  You need a UUN to access these.  They are free.  Sessions currently on offer are at:

Instructional videos about Collaborate

Webinars, conversations and talks

Websites and blogs