Teaching Opportunities


If you’re interested in gaining more teaching experience, Clinical Skills and MBChB Assessment, in Edinburgh Medical School, are always on the look-out for people who are keen to help with teaching and exams.  They can be contacted at clinical.skills@ed.ac.uk and MBChbAssessment@ed.ac.uk respectively. 

You may prefer to contribute to the teaching of Edinburgh medical students on a particular module.  The downloadable document on this page lists the modules in Years 1 to 6 and the Module Organisers and Local Module Leads can be contacted through one of the following:-

  • Shereen Arabshahi, Medical Teaching Manager: shereen.arabshahi@ed.ac.uk; 0131 242 6703

  • Year 1 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year1@ed.ac.uk

  • Year 2 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year2@ed.ac.uk

  • Year 3 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year3@ed.ac.uk

  • Year 4 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year4@ed.ac.uk

  • Year 5 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year5@ed.ac.uk

  • Year 6 Co-ordinator: mbchb.year6@ed.ac.uk

Edinburgh Medical School will shortly be recruiting Clinical Tutor Associates to tutor medical students and please contact MBChB.CTA@ed.ac.uk for information. 

There should also be teaching opportunities through Training to Teach, which is part of the Clinical Development Programme available through the Medical Education Directorate in NHS Lothian (https://www.med.scot.nhs.uk/trainee-doctors/opportunities-to-get-involved/clinician-development-programme/training-to-teach).