Team Module

What is Team Module?

This is a 2 week module introduced to Year 4 MBChB since 2016 (partly in response to students wishing they had greater patient contact / felt unwelcome on the wards and not part of the team) where students follow 3 x 12.5 hour shifts per week primarily with the nursing team on a dedicated ward within NHS Lothian. They have induction time with a designated Clinical Support Worker and should also work with staff nurses and, if opportunity allows, shadow other members of the MDT.

Purpose of Debrief

 This session (approx. 1 hour) serves as an opportunity for students to talk about their time on the wards working with the nursing staff and discuss any stressful / positive events etc. it represents some closure for the students because it is a relatively short placement and previous sessions have demonstrated the students have found it helpful to talk through their experiences. 

Kirsty Egan

Edinburgh Patient Partner Coordinator /

 Fellow in Medical Education


T: 0131 242 6535