Reflective Portfolio Assignment

Next (Final) Submission Date

●      12 noon on Friday, 18 February 2022

NB: We are currently updating the way we assess Level 3 of the Clinical Educator Programme and, after the next submission deadline in February 2022, will replace the current assessment with a new assessment format.  This will likely comprise a series of short reflective blogs and we will let you know when we are up and running with these. 

We will be running a Portfolio Orientation session at 10am on Monday, 22 November 2021 for anyone who would like to ask questions about and discuss writing a CEP reflective portfolio assignment:-

Date:                Monday, 22 November 2021, 10am to 11.30pm

Book a place:  

Before you attend the session, you must read the relevant guidance on this page, including the exemplar essays and feedback.  We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the principles of reflective writing using this guide: (particularly Section 3).

Completing your Reflective Portfolio Assignment: guidelines and tips

The full guidance for the Reflective Portfolio Assignment contains details including:

  • what we are looking for
  • our marking criteria     
  • submission dates
  • assignment layout

As well as the marking criteria, you should read our tips on preparing to write your assignment and our tips on completing your assignment.  There is also a comprehensive reference list for the CEP, which lists all the references for each of the CEP workshops and also has sections on 'Educational Theory', 'Philosophy of Education' and 'Teacher Identity'.  We would advise you to dip into this resource list to explore a few topics that interest you.  The QMU Guide to the Harvard Referencing System gives you very helpful guidance on referencing.

Next Reflective Portfolio Support Session:  

 Monday, 22 November 2021 (book a place at

This interactive session is intended to help you understand the task of the CEP Reflective Portfolio (RP), and make a start to writing. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on how your educational practice has developed, in light of your learning from the CEP. The principles of reflective writing will be discussed, however the subject will not be addressed in detail.

Example essays 

Several people who have completed the Portfolio have kindly agreed to share their work, to help others who are writing theirs.  All portfolios which attain a ‘PASS’ are very different: there are many ways of approaching the task and doing it well.  What all good portfolios have in common is that they are personal, honest and critically reflective accounts of the authors’ development as clinical educators.   

●      Essay 1    Essay 1 markers' comments  (given a 'Not Yet Pass') 

●      Essay 2       Essay 2 markers' comments (Resubmission of Essay 1)

●      Essay 3        Essay 3 markers' comments

We have chosen three portfolios as examples, with their markers’ comments.  Note that ‘Essay 1’ and ‘Essay 2’ were written by the same person.  ‘Essay 1’ is a ‘NOT YET PASS’ and ‘Essay 2’ is a ‘PASS’.  It is really worth reading both, to see how the author responded to the feedback.  ‘Essay 3’ is a ‘PASS’.

Marking scheme  

The standards required for your assignment to pass come from, and are consistent with, those of the University of Edinburgh’s current Postgraduate Common Marking Scheme. 

This means your assignments will be awarded a ‘PASS’, ‘NOT YET PASS’ or ‘FAIL’.  The marker and moderator will compile feedback on your assignment based on our marking guidelines

If the Board of Examiners decide that your assignment does not meet the criteria to pass, they will mark it as ‘NOT YET PASS’.  If this happens, you should arrange to have a discussion with a member of the Programme team.

You can resubmit your assignment once. The resubmission date will be the next deadline for assignment submissions for the Programme.

If, when you resubmit it, your assignment still does not yet qualify as a 'PASS', it will be awarded a ‘FAIL’.  If this happens, you will not be able to complete Level 3 of the CEP at this attempt  If you wished to try to attain Level 3, you would need to undertake the whole Programme again, and we would support this.

The UK Professional Standards Framework (Higher Education Academy)

The UK Professional Standards Framework can help you assess your own clinical education practice.

It is a good idea to complete it before you start your assignment. Many participants have found it useful to complete the Framework at different times throughout the CEP. For example, when they start the Programme, after they have had their teaching observation and before they start the assignment.

Clinical Educator Programme learning cards 

The CEP learning cards help you record, and reflect on, what you learn during the workshops. Your reflections will help you gather the evidence you need to complete your assignment.

In case you did not complete the learning cards after you attended the workshops, they can be found on the Learning Cards page of this website.